About Our Headliners
The Exchange is an American A Cappella Quintet. All the sounds are formed by the human voice, from the lyrics to the drums. The international phenomenon was formed by Christopher Diaz and Aaron Sperber during NBC’s The SingOff, and they were soon joined by Jamal Moore and Richard Steighner after falling to Pentatonix, adding Alfredo Austin a few months after the show’s finale. Since 2012, it has been an incredible journey for the five singers:

32 European cities with The Backstreet Boys, 8 tours around the world, Season 5 of NBC’s The Sing Off, dozens of singles and videos, 3 albums with songs on iTunes Vocal Top 20, award winning studio albums, and headliners for festivals throughout Australia, Europe, Asia as well as a massive 56 city Sony/LiveNation sponsored US tour.

The Exchange’s performing style is fresh, exciting and interactive. Think of the movie Pitch Perfect live and in your face. The 5 vocalists do more than sing and beatbox. They’ve taught as they’ve traveled, most recently as Cultural Ambassadors in the Middle East and Central Asia for the State Department.

The Exchange creates an atmosphere where everyone in the audience feels like they are part of the show. The show is half concert, half house party as the group’s diversity appeals to audiences all across the globe. The group bridges the gap between old school and new school music making The Exchange truly memorable.