Nordonia Choirs


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Wenceslas Canon (Old English Melody)

Words from the Traditional English Carol

Arranged by Andy Beck

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Tumekuja Kuimba (We Have Come to Sing!)

by Lynn Zettlemoyer

Hey Everyone!

Can you believe it's almost November?  I know I can't... Still, the cold weather makes singing Christmas music more enjoyable!  Below, I've posted listening examples for two new songs that we will be performing on the Dec. 15th concert.  Green Choir will be singing "Wenceslas Canon", while Gray Choir will be singing, "On a Silent Night Long, Long Ago."  Please enjoy listening to them!

We have also been preparing to sing the Star Spangled Banner for the Veteran's Day...both choirs sound INCREDIBLE!!  Way to go!!

Finally, the Lee Eaton Choirs will be joining together to support the Love and Hope Children's Home in El Salvador as a service project for the first semester.  Mr. Boyle, one of the 6th grade teachers, came to speak with the students about the needs of the orphanage and shared his son's adoption story.  His son, Kevin, is now 15 years old, and was one of the children taken care of at this children's home!  For more information about the home,        If you'd like to see the list of items needed,              All donation items can be brought to the music room until Thanksgiving Break.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting this worthy cause!

Any Questions??

Ms. Tina Lantz 

LE Music Educator 

Congratulations, Genesis Members!!  Please remember to work on your part for 20 minutes a day.  See you next rehearsal!

Photo of the Love and Hope Children's Home in El Salvador, courtesy of Dan Boyle. 

On a Silent Night Long, Long Ago

by Mary Lynn Lightfoot

Words by Katherine Parker and Joseph Mohr

Please only use these original songs for style tips, do not use this to practice your a cappella part.  THANK YOU!

Welcome to Lee Eaton 6th Grade Choir!