Hey Everyone! 

January is FLYING by!  The Lee Eaton Choir has been working on a new song called, All the Beautiful Colors (De Colores), which features lyrics in Spanish and English.   I am very impressed with their Espanol, es muy bien!

The second song they will be learning is called, Pie Jesu.  The song is in Latin, and was written to remember the loved ones that have already passed on from this life.  Music is a healthy way to express difficult emotions like grief and sorrow, and I'll be encouraging the students to sing from their hearts during this performance. 

Look for listening example to both of these songs below!  ​

Any Questions??

Ms. Tina Lantz 

LE Music Educator 

Please only use these original songs for style tips, do not use this to practice your a cappella part.  THANK YOU!

Lee Eaton 6th Grade Choir!




Everlasting Melody

by Rollo Dilworth

*this recording is a live version of an elementary choir.  We will be performing it in a similar manner, so I thought I'd share this version of the song.  

All the Beautiful Colors (De Colores)

by Strid and Donnelly

*this recording has the 3rd ending entirely in english, we will be singing the Part one is Spanish instead


Pie Jesu

by Mary Lynn Lightfoot

Nordonia Choirs